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This is the central admin post for the community and the offline book club. We'll add links to meet-up posts, feedback, discussion and so on to this indexing post as time goes on.

Please note, one of our two admins is in very poor health, and because of that it's possible that we may have a couple of meetings entirely online, but we'd prefer to keep most of them offline if possible. Hope that's amenable to anyone considering coming in with us. :)

Please comment below if you're interested in joining the book club, and tell us about yourself! Things we need to know are in the first list, the second list is optional. All comments are screened, so feel free to be completely frank! :)

- your name (can be a nickname, that's fine)
- where in Manchester you live (or work) & if you can travel to the city centre
- access needs and/or allergies
- days of the week that would be best for you to meet up

- favourite fantasy authors
- favourite fantasy books
- preferred fantasy sub-genres
- triggers/squicks/things you just can't stand to read about
- why you want to join the book club

Many thanks!


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